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The BÄHRtec systems for air washing and conditioning set benchmarks. Available in all sizes, at a range of 500 to 500.000 cubic meters, these systems humidify, purify and cool down office buildings, production halls, laboratories and lots more.
They answer to the current hygiene-conception according to VDI 60 22 and can be finished with degerminating systems. We manufacture the long-lasting BÄHRtec-airwasher in fibreglass-reinforced plastic and high-alloyed steel casings- according to your requirements.Die Luftwäscher von BÄHRtec setzen Maßstäbe. Lieferbar in allen Größen für Luftmengen von 500 bis 500.000 Kubikmetern befeuchten, reinigen und kühlen diese Systeme Bürohäuser, Fertigungshallen, Laborbereiche und vieles mehr. Sie entsprechen den Hygienevorschriften nach VDI 60 22 und lassen sich mit MOL- oder UV-Entkeimung ausrüsten. Die langlebigen BÄHRtec-Luftwäscher gibt es in GfK, Edelstahl oder PP – passend zu Ihren Anforderungen.

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Vacuum systems

The approved BÄHRtec- industrial vacuum cleaners abolish all kinds of waste, dirt and liquids that accure in the industrial daily routine.
Because the top of the vacuum cleaner can be attached to standard barrels without any problems, barrels as well can be pumped dry. In addition to the powerful electric drive, Bähr also manufactures compressed air driven industrial vacuum cleaners, especially for operations in explosion-prone environment. Also customized vacuum solutions e.g. for transportation engeneering, laboratories or industrial-workplaces.

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Plastic technology

BÄHRtec commands a powerful, flexible plastic production, for the professional manufacturing of our own components like air washer and industrial vacuum cleaners. In our factories in Leverkusen and Burscheid we realize special products and customized solutions with a variety of different plastics.

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